Saturday, May 19, 2012

Concept Arts

Or is that so? I don't believe I have any talents in drawing and I won't even go as far as saying I am an artist because it is obvious I am not. The only thing on which I can really show my dexterity is on a computer keyboard. I'm one of those person that can type without looking at the keyboard (thanks to the keyboard class I took at high school). Enough about that nonsense and let me talk about something more important. Can you tell? Yep, Halloween! I'm sure you're pretty surprise I used that word? After all, I did not write anything about my favorite holiday in 3 months. Sorry about that. Life happens you know. I won't delve into the details since there's nothing very interesting to say. Just family and job stuff, nothing terrible. Just things that take too much of my time and are draining my energy, but I digress.

At the beginning of the year, I learned that the camping at which I was doing a haunt in July had been sold. I thought that it would probably mean that the haunted trail would not happen this year. The good news is that the new owners want the event to happen this year, they want to see what it looks like and then they will decide if we can continue doing it in the following years. The campers really liked what we did last year, we got a lot of good comments. This year, we are planning of doing even much better and I will have a friend that knows how to handle a camera film the entire event. If the video is good, I will submit it to next year Home Haunters DVD Set.

Wow, I wrote two paragraphs and did not even show anything that could relate to this post title. Well here we go! Two concepts of one prop that will greet the campers in the middle of the trail. Can you tell what will be inside? I bet you do. And that thing, my friends, I hope will scare the crap out of people :-)

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Guillaume said...

Hey thanks for following my blog! I love evil clowns, they are so spooky.

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