Friday, February 17, 2012

Faites renaître Hauntcast de ses cendres!

Resurrect HauntCast

Last November, I learned a very sad news. The HauntCast Dungeon closed its doors. I do not know about you, but I was quite surprised by the news. I was not expecting this to happen at all. Despite my disappointment, I understood very
well why the Scream Team decided to stop doing the show. After all they, like us, had other responsabilities and priorities to attend to: some had a family to take care of, others were studying or working to get their business rolling.
But there still hope! We have the opportunity to revive Hauntcast by March 8, 2012! To achieve this, the Scream Team needs 250 people to stand up and subscribe to HauntCast for a year at the price of $100: the equivalent to 8 movie tickets in my town.
As of yesterday, the team had 70 subscribers. I can confirm that, as of today, there are 71 subscribers because I signed up a few hours ago.

For those of you who are already a member, thank you! For those who are not registered yet, I could try to convince you by listing all the prizes that will be given if the revival of the show succeed but
you can already see for yourself by visiting the homepage of HauntCast website. Rather, I will take a deep breath and explain why I chose to cut $ 100 off my 2012 Halloween budget and register.

I was introduced to HauntCast through a post from a blog in January 2009. I listened to episodes 2 and 3 and was totally seduced. There are very few haunters near me. Without the existance of
blogs, forums and communities on the web I would be mostly alone, left to myself. Although blogs, forums and communities informs me, amuses me and motivates me, I find much more motivation through podcasts. Why?
I think it's because I have not the opportunity to interact, personally, with people who share my passion. The podcast helps me on this level because, even if I don't have the opportunity to talk with anyone, I have at least
the possibility to hear other people talk about their love for Halloween. And that, my friends, have a price that I am willing to pay for. In addition to helping me feel less isolated, HauntCast

  • Makes me laugh;

  • Keeps me updated on horror movies;

  • Informs me about many facets of Halloween and

  • Teaches me techniques that help me improve my yard display through the Theater of the mind, the Prop shop and Interview with haunting gurus.

Finally, HauntCast introduced me to several suppliers from whom I buy stuff regularly to build my props. For all these reasons, I missed HauntCast since November. I sincerely hope to have the chance
to hear the Scream Team again starting this April. However, this does not depend on me but the rest of the community. If you did not register yet and you loved the show, please consider subscribing. If
$100 is too big an amount to pay up front, you can also register by doing smaller monthly payments of $16.66. Besides, you get a ton of discounts if you choose to subscribe. Go check it out on the HauntCast website.

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Pam Morris said...

very well said, my friend. I completely agree (I'm signed up!) I hope lots of people read this 'cause what you've said here is just perfect.

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