Sunday, November 13, 2011

An award for me!

The Liebster Award have been bestowed upon me. A big thank to Spookworks for the honor. I'm happy to know that my ramblings gave ideas to some of my reader.

Now that I got my 2 minutes of glory, it is time to take my responsabilities and apply the rules that goes with the award: I must pass the award to 5 deserving blogs that have less than 100 followers.

So... is it the time yet? Start the rolling drums please... The awardees are:

  • GhoulishCop @ Devil's Eve - I found his blog at the beginning of this year. It was interesting to read about the pro

  • Grim @ Grimlock Manor

  • Jason @ Haunt the yard

  • Arcane @ The Scarecrow's Post

  • The Invisible Blogger @ The Nether Blog - I have not seen or read your blog yet. But once it is the case, you will be awarded!

And for all of you that did not have your name above, let me say that there are too much blogs out there that deserve an award. If I follow your blog, then, you can already consider to be awarded. And if I don't follow your blog yet, don't take offense, I just don't have much time right now to explore all the wonderful and interesting blogs. But I sure will get to it as time goes by. After all, I still have to find one blog with less than 100 follower to award

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wicKED said...

Congrats on the award and to those you passed it on to!

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