Thursday, August 4, 2011


Since 2007, my Halloween display theme is a graveyard. It includes a few tombstone, blue lighting for simulate moonlight, a few fog machines, a full-size toe pincher coffin and a zombie. It is nice, but it feels a bit empty. To correct this situation I have planned to create many things on a two year period starting with this year. One of those prop is a ground-breaker.

At the origin, this ground-breaker was supposed to become a scarecrow, like the one explained in the book "How to haunt your house", for the haunted trail of the Camping Luciole on July 16th. But as the project started, I felt this wasn't what I really wanted to achieve. Besides, following the find or a great mask on the Internet, I decided after starting the prop that the character I would incarnate in the haunted trail would be a scarecrow. As there was no more need for a static scarecrow in the haunt, I choose to convert was I had done so far to a ground-breaker.

I made him out of an old dusty Styrofoam skull and paper mache. I then sealed him with two coats of Spar urethane and painted him with one coat of exterior black paint and a mix of brown, red and white paint.

This prop is nothing exceptional compared of what other talented haunters have done. But I gained something out of it. I finally found a good way to build realistic looking hands out of paper mache. Looks like I am going to rebuild the bad looking hands of my stirring witch soon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New design, new feel!

At last, I finally managed to take a couple hours to rework the design of my website and blog. I took a few hours to ponder what kind of look I wanted to have and realized that I was looking for a more cheerful, childish look than a creepy one. I think my memories of what Halloween looked like in my childhood had a role in the choice of the colors and graphics I used to build the new design. I hope you enjoy the new look! I still have a few things to improve here and there but that's pretty much it. All I need is a talented someone to make me a cool design and I will be good to go. Now, that leads me to my next goal which will be to add more content in my how-to section for each new prop I make. That will be a good challenge for me as I do not have the habit to take notes and pictures on my projects progress. And finally I would like to post at least one a week on my blog. I've been neglecting my blog too much recently. Time to go, I have over 350 blog posts to read.

Have a nice evening everyone!

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