Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sentier de l'horreur

I have been asked to prepare the haunted trail of the Camping Luciole that will be happening on july 16th. Although I wasn't totally satisfied of what I did last year, it appears that the folks at the camping loved the experience.

Last year, a coworker of mine, the camping owner, his brother and I made an improvised setup using some of my homemade props and the store-bought props of my coworker. We were not very well prepared (that was my fault) but we managed to get most of the thing working for the event in the evening. So this year, I decided the haunt will take another direction. Instead of bringing all my homemade props that I use in my Halloween display, I will build new props that will be dedicated to the haunted trail. Also, this year haunt will have a story line, which was not the case last year. And finally, I've been told I will have more actors available to bring the haunt to a higher level.

I'm not going to reveal everything about the haunted trail right now as there are many details that were not adressed yet. For now, I have one part of the storyline written and a few props are under construction. I will be updating my blog on the project as it takes form.

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