Saturday, January 1, 2011

NES Orchestrated

Once upon a time, that is before I got childrens, I was a gamer. From time to time, I have some flashback about old video games that I enjoyed playing when I was a teenager or a child. I got that kind of flashbacks in the month of december. Using the iPad I won at the Christmas party of my company, I gathered many mesmerizing BGM from various video game that I will share with you from time to time until I get something of interest and more Halloween to say.

So, the first candidate will be a game from 1989 on NES called Shadowgate. This was an adventure game where the goal was to venture in a castle to prevent an evil warlock to open the gates of hell. I could explain all the details of the game but there is already a very good article about it on Wikipedia

About the music. I found two piece of the original soundtrack on YouTube. In my memories, the music was better, but I must keep in mind that NES was 8 bits and that even the best music would sound crappy in comparison of the digital music we enjoy in recent video games. Anyway, here are the to tunes:

Delving deaper into YouTube ShadowGate original and remixed tunes, I came across the remix of one man who is really worthy to hear. The guy orchestrated the two tunes above, and I must admit he did a wonderful job.

If that guy wants to orchestrate another old game, might I suggest orchestrating Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft Strahd's Possessions?


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Wow, that is just amazing. Very well done. Thanks for I gotta find that game again :)


The Captain said...

Happy New Year!

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