Monday, January 31, 2011

Haunters Video Awards 2010

I found some time last week to make and submit my first entry ever to the Haunters Video Awards DVD set. After seeing the entry of the funny and amazing Mr Macabre, I thought that would be nice of me to share my entry with you.

Now, the DVD set need a minimum of 50 entries to become a reality and there is currently only 37 entries listed on the Video Awards Website. If you have a video or pictures of your haunt and have a bit of spare time at hand, please submit your entry by following the instruction there. Think your haunt is too small or simple for the award? Don't worry about this and submit, it is always fun to look at what other haunters do! Deadline date is Feb 15, 2011. Hope to see your haunt in the entries list soon.

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Grimlock Manor said...

Thanks for sharing! This was my first year submitting a video too! I'm looking forward to watching the video as soon as it comes.

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