Monday, January 31, 2011

Spooky video game music

Coming from Chrono Trigger game(SNES and PlayStation). This music is nor creepy nor spooky but beautifully dark and magic.

Haunters Video Awards 2010

I found some time last week to make and submit my first entry ever to the Haunters Video Awards DVD set. After seeing the entry of the funny and amazing Mr Macabre, I thought that would be nice of me to share my entry with you.

Now, the DVD set need a minimum of 50 entries to become a reality and there is currently only 37 entries listed on the Video Awards Website. If you have a video or pictures of your haunt and have a bit of spare time at hand, please submit your entry by following the instruction there. Think your haunt is too small or simple for the award? Don't worry about this and submit, it is always fun to look at what other haunters do! Deadline date is Feb 15, 2011. Hope to see your haunt in the entries list soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


All the little boys are asleep, dreaming of the upcoming years when they will help their father building a wonderfull Halloween display... Well... That's the plan.

Because the kids are all sleeping, this is a good time to post a picture of my 2 months child Gabriel.

If he is a little bit like is older brother, Gabriel will probably love Halloween. Édouard is fascinated by skulls and skeletons, he is always asking where the stirring witch is and his favorite movie is "The Nightmare before Christmas"... Looks like the next generation of haunter is on its way in the small town of St-Georges.

Spooky video game music

Coming from one of my all time favorite PC franchise. This ambient song is part of the game "Thief: Deadly shadows" (released in 2004 if I remember well). It is played as you venture inside the main temple of the Hammerites order to rob them a precious artifact.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

NES Orchestrated

Once upon a time, that is before I got childrens, I was a gamer. From time to time, I have some flashback about old video games that I enjoyed playing when I was a teenager or a child. I got that kind of flashbacks in the month of december. Using the iPad I won at the Christmas party of my company, I gathered many mesmerizing BGM from various video game that I will share with you from time to time until I get something of interest and more Halloween to say.

So, the first candidate will be a game from 1989 on NES called Shadowgate. This was an adventure game where the goal was to venture in a castle to prevent an evil warlock to open the gates of hell. I could explain all the details of the game but there is already a very good article about it on Wikipedia

About the music. I found two piece of the original soundtrack on YouTube. In my memories, the music was better, but I must keep in mind that NES was 8 bits and that even the best music would sound crappy in comparison of the digital music we enjoy in recent video games. Anyway, here are the to tunes:

Delving deaper into YouTube ShadowGate original and remixed tunes, I came across the remix of one man who is really worthy to hear. The guy orchestrated the two tunes above, and I must admit he did a wonderful job.

If that guy wants to orchestrate another old game, might I suggest orchestrating Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft Strahd's Possessions?

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