Friday, December 3, 2010

I got a nice surprise

When I wake up on Halloween morning, a nice surprise was awaiting me outside. It snowed over my graveyard display during the night... The snow gave a nice finishing touch to the tombstones. Seeing the effect of the snow on my scene, I surprised myself whishing to get a bit more snow during the day. It did not happen but at least the existing one did not melt.

Although the day was cold (23F), this year was the most successfull Halloween we celebrated in this house so far. We got 260 happy trick or treaters and many good comments on our display. The only downside is that because it was on Sunday, most trick or treaters saw my haunt on daylight. They did not saw my new FCG and the witch and the cemetery was not as spooky. They will have to wait in 2011 for that.


Johnny Thunder said...

I agree - looked great! Congrats too on the number of TOTs.

suzanne said...

The snow gives it a nice effect. But I still prefer my Halloween nights snow-free. :)

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