Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another important year for the Pumpkin family

This year will be another important year in the pumpkin family. First, although it will already be the second Halloween of my little boy Édouard, this will be his first Trick'r Treating year. For the occasion, nothing less than a Dracula costume will do the trick. Hopefully, we found the perfect costume at rebate at the local Zellers store.

Also, we are awaiting the arrival of our next pumpkin sprout, Gabriel. He is scheduled to be born on November 3rd. Let's just hope he doesn't decide to get out of his mother in the three days that precedes Halloween, otherwise I won't be there to great the Trick'r treater and to distribute the 200 candy bags my wife and I carefully filled last Sunday.

What's next? I still have a lot to do before Halloween, I have a flying crank ghost, a stirring witch and a scarecrow to repair. Nothing has been installed outside yet, I will be installing a few things this weekend if the weather permits it. And finally, I'm afraid that I won't be on time to the SpiderFest 2010... Sorry Frog Queen, I really wanted to be part of it but life had other things planned for me...


Diane said...


best of luck with you upcoming arrival! don't want to disrupt anything but wouldn't it be cool to have your lil pumpkin on halloween?!

Mr. Macabre said...

What a handsome young gentleman!

I sense a second generation Haunter in the works...

suzanne said...

He looks adorable! Hope Gabriel co-operates with your Halloween schedule. :)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

That costume is precious!!

No worries! Really....less spiders is FINE with me.

Looking forward to seeing what you create this year, please post pictures.


The Captain said...

He looks awesome! Good luck with the new sprout. I hope your plans don't get ruined, but how cool to have your birthday be on Halloween.

PumpkinBrain said...

Sure is adorable, after all he is the son of his father and his father is good looking (just kidding...)

I wouldn't mind that my wife give birth to my second son on Halloween because, as all of you said, that would be cool and it would totally fit with a family of haunters. But I still prefer that the little pumpkin shows his face before Cctober 28th or after October 31st. That way, I could celebrate a great Halloween :-)

And Mr. Macabre, your sense seem to be right. I also sense a second generation Haunter. Édouard gets along well with Boris and took possession of the two glow in the dark skulls you sent me last year. He takes care of them very well. Also, his favorite movie is "A nightmare before christmas". He have been listening to it every night since the beginning of September.

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