Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another important year for the Pumpkin family

This year will be another important year in the pumpkin family. First, although it will already be the second Halloween of my little boy Édouard, this will be his first Trick'r Treating year. For the occasion, nothing less than a Dracula costume will do the trick. Hopefully, we found the perfect costume at rebate at the local Zellers store.

Also, we are awaiting the arrival of our next pumpkin sprout, Gabriel. He is scheduled to be born on November 3rd. Let's just hope he doesn't decide to get out of his mother in the three days that precedes Halloween, otherwise I won't be there to great the Trick'r treater and to distribute the 200 candy bags my wife and I carefully filled last Sunday.

What's next? I still have a lot to do before Halloween, I have a flying crank ghost, a stirring witch and a scarecrow to repair. Nothing has been installed outside yet, I will be installing a few things this weekend if the weather permits it. And finally, I'm afraid that I won't be on time to the SpiderFest 2010... Sorry Frog Queen, I really wanted to be part of it but life had other things planned for me...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Completed : The new pumpkin on the block

Last weekend, I finished the painting of my new paper mache pumpkin. All it needs now is to be waterproofed with spar urethane and it will be ready for display on my front porch. My wife think that it look too black as if it was burnt... I like that look though, I think it give him a more evil look so I will most likely leave the painting as is.


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