Monday, August 16, 2010

Words of wisdom from an old invoice.

Last weekend I stumbled upon this old invoice while classifying old paperwork that were accumulating in the drawers of my computer desk. Gave me back old memories of the time when my wife and I were still living at our parents house. This invoice comes from Cruella, a Gothic shop located in Montreal city. I bought on their web site, in 2003, a very nice black and red velvet top for my wife (which was my girlfriend at that time) for Christmas.

Now that the story of that invoice has been told, what I wanted to show you is the small phrase written under the website URL on it. It says:

"La conformité est la mort de l'âme."

which traduced in English means:

"Conformity is the death of the soul."

After reading it, last weekend, I took a few minutes and thought about the meaning of this phrase. Although I didn't took any attention to it in 2003, now I believe there is truth in these few words. What do you think?


Creepy Glowbugg said...

I'm a sucker for a great quote, and this one is tattoo worthy. Thanks!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

What a cool story. Funny how life comes around like that. :)

I agree, we were talking about "normal" this weekend. All of us crazy people working on Halloween decorations while other people are out doing normal things....we like being different. We think it is far more fun.

Conformity....I do that enough at work. :) And sometimes, some does feel like death :D

Thanks for sharing.

Dirgesinger said...

Absolutely true. Not that one has to be a diehard justsothatIcandoit nonconformist, because it is just as bad to be "one of the crowd" but to discover the "other than everybody else" in yourself is the true meaning of the saying - at least for me.

The Captain said...

"Conformity is the death of the soul." I would agree with that to a certain extent. To me the saying means that when you cease to live your life free of other people's imposed beliefs of what is right or wrong, and you just go along with the group your soul dies a little bit. You become a sheep, one of the flock, a follower. BUT everyone conforms to some extent, it can't be helped. If you didn't conform some you would find yourself in prison or dead.

PumpkinBrain said...

I agree with you all. One need to be different in some ways and assume these differences. I am an Halloween addict and I assume it entirely. On the other hand, to be able to live in society, one need to conform to a number of things. If everyone would be doing everything they want on the sake of non-conformity, that would be called anarchy.

So my opinion on this is that every human being need to have a balance between conformity and non-conformity so he/she can fulfill is/her need as an individual and follow the rules so that he/she can live with other humans in society and become a citizen.

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