Monday, August 16, 2010

A more than late giveaway!

Back to May 22, I announced on my blog that I was redoing my website and my blog design. I also announced that once the redesign would be done (which was supposed to be in the following days) I would be doing a small giveaway. Well, due to a few events that were out of my control and other priorities, I postponed the redesign of my website to an undetermined date.

But because its already mid August and that Autumn is coming our way and because the Dollar store is finally getting out their Halloween stuff, I decided it is time to make my giveaway.

This time, I will give to 2 of my fellow bloggers a Halloween Collection Pack from Dark Candles. And because I'm a generous soul, you will probably get something else too, I don't know what it will yet but that will something nifty too.

What you need to do to win my prize is very simple: You must be following my blog and write a comment in this post that tells us when you are using scented candles (except for your bedroom fantasies, we all use them for that purpose too). The winners will be known August 22th if I feel I have enough participant (I'm targeting 20 so tell your friends to come).

Best of luck to everyone!


Creepy Glowbugg said...

I am a huge burner of candles. I really love the pumpkin spice scented ones this time of year. I burn candles all year long, and always scented for the season. Grapefruit and assorted fruit scents for spring/summer, pumpkin and spice scents for fall, and vanilla, cinnamon, and baked goods scents for winter. Probably TMI, but too late now.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway.

I love Dark Candles, I have different scents for different floors and rooms in the house.

The main floor is primarily Haunted House (tried Halloween, but for some reason to me it just does not have a strong enough scent). I alternate in the summer to Forbidden Fruit for something lighter.

The upstaird bedroom and bathroom are Coffin. The libary is Halloween or Crypt Moss - they work will in a room full of books.

Basement I use Dracula.

Outdoor patio/fireplace area I alternate between Crypt and Graveyard.

They need to offer fog scents....I would love Graveyard for that. Right now I use Gothic and Rainforest fog scents from Sinster scents.

Thanks for the to tell my friends!

Dirgesinger said...

An awesome giveaway!:) You are very generous and I feel myself lucky to have a chance to enter because in this little corner of the world its very hard to maintain Halloween spirit even during October-time - these people simply does not know the fun:)

I use scented candles a cople of times, but the main thing coming to my mind is when writing. I exclusively use autumnal scents (not only because I am a Halloween addict but also bec ause my writings are usually dark). Scents (and selected music) always lift up (or breaks down) my mind and get me in the mood for the story to go on.
I also love using scented candles when reading my tarot deck, or when studying ethnographic literature on funeral customs (this is again one of my longtime devotions).

suzanne said...

Okay, I'm in!

Some of my favourite scented candles to use year-round are food-related scents. Raspberry, cinnamon, and of course, pumpkin spice . . . They give the illusion that I cook and bake much better than I do in reality ;)

The Captain said...

I'm in too please!

I love Dark Candles. I used about a dozen clove scented candles for my Halloween party last year. I still burn clove in the living room in the evenings. I use Dark Candles Absinthe oil in an burner in my study (I love it!). My wife Jen burns her Dark Carnival scented candles in the bedroom for fantasy and non-fantasy evenings ;)

amy said...

yankee candle harvest is still a fav of mine.

Christina said...

Great giveaway! I almost always burn Fall scents, even in the dead of summer because I love them! I usually burn Yankee candles Halloween scents..also lots of cinnamon candles. Always gets me in the mood for Fall and Halloween :)

Mr. Macabre said...

Gave you an award over on my blog and no, this wouldn't be a bribe to get the candles :)

I do love Dark Candles, my favorite scents being Coffin and Haunted House. They put me in the mood when I'm in the shed creating dead things.

All Together Dead said...

I absolutely love candles especially scented ones. I will admit that traditionally I only burn candles outside during the summer but you can find anywhere from 50 to 100 different candles burning at any given moment in my house from about mid September until Early April. I prefer not only the intoxicating aroma but also the comforting glow that only a candle can bring to the table.

My favorite recent memory of candles was last fall... I had invited a new friend over for cocktails and as I was lighting the 12 votive stream running down the center of the bar her eyes lit up in front of me and she exclaimed "Oh you get to light them too and not just decorate" I paused looked at her oddly and then she said "I am married to the fire marshall".... we shared several laughs, and about an hour later when he arrived to collect his wife I thought he was going to have a heart attack right there on the spot with all of my candles lit... needless to say... they haven't been invited back.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your contest!

PumpkinBrain said...

Sorry for keeping you waiting. I've been sick for the last 4 days and still are. Hopefully, I'm going to see my doctor in 45 minutes and I will get that thing sorted out.

Lets get back to business and announce the results of the drawing of my giveaway. The winners are:

- The one and only Frog Queen and
- my fellow Canadian Orange and Black

I'm going to contact you by email to get your coordinates so I can ship to you your prizes.

Congratulations to both of you and thanks for all the other for participating!

And thanks to Mr Macabre for giving me an award. That's pretty cool!

PumpkinBrain said...

You may be wanting to know why I love Dark Candles. Their scent fills the air with a shroud of mystery. It is perfect to use them on almost any circumstances with the wide range of scent available.

Up to now, I am a big fan of Dark Carnival, Dracula, Black Rose and Pumpkin & Spice.

I burn scented candles every evening in the family room and the bedroom.

ShellHawk said...

Of course, I'll be using a mass of candles in my haunt this year, hoping that some folks will appreciate the ambience created...
Bonfire is a favorite, for sure!

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