Thursday, August 26, 2010

The new pumpkin on the block

Today is a rest day for me. My doctor diagnosed me a bronchitis and a pneumonia. So I've taken the opportunity to make a round of all the blogs I follow. I though it would take 1 hour to do this but, in the end, it took me 3 hours... I guess I follow too much blog :-)

I wanted to build a new paper mache pumpkin for this year. I love paper mache but my talent with it is a bit limited. I just can't shape it exactly the way I want. So this year, I took a different approach and built a pumpkin with Aves paper mache powder. This stuff is exactly what I needed, all you need to do is add water to the powder until you get the consistency you want to work with (in my case, I mix water until it feels like concrete). I'm very happy with the result so far. I wasn't expecting it to look that good.

Compared to the pumpkin I did last year, this really is a good upgrade :-)

Once I'm done with this new pumpkin, I will be building my spider for SpiderFest 2010. I just hope I will get it done on time.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A more than late giveaway!

Back to May 22, I announced on my blog that I was redoing my website and my blog design. I also announced that once the redesign would be done (which was supposed to be in the following days) I would be doing a small giveaway. Well, due to a few events that were out of my control and other priorities, I postponed the redesign of my website to an undetermined date.

But because its already mid August and that Autumn is coming our way and because the Dollar store is finally getting out their Halloween stuff, I decided it is time to make my giveaway.

This time, I will give to 2 of my fellow bloggers a Halloween Collection Pack from Dark Candles. And because I'm a generous soul, you will probably get something else too, I don't know what it will yet but that will something nifty too.

What you need to do to win my prize is very simple: You must be following my blog and write a comment in this post that tells us when you are using scented candles (except for your bedroom fantasies, we all use them for that purpose too). The winners will be known August 22th if I feel I have enough participant (I'm targeting 20 so tell your friends to come).

Best of luck to everyone!

Words of wisdom from an old invoice.

Last weekend I stumbled upon this old invoice while classifying old paperwork that were accumulating in the drawers of my computer desk. Gave me back old memories of the time when my wife and I were still living at our parents house. This invoice comes from Cruella, a Gothic shop located in Montreal city. I bought on their web site, in 2003, a very nice black and red velvet top for my wife (which was my girlfriend at that time) for Christmas.

Now that the story of that invoice has been told, what I wanted to show you is the small phrase written under the website URL on it. It says:

"La conformité est la mort de l'âme."

which traduced in English means:

"Conformity is the death of the soul."

After reading it, last weekend, I took a few minutes and thought about the meaning of this phrase. Although I didn't took any attention to it in 2003, now I believe there is truth in these few words. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Silent Hill 8

While watching on YouTube some video of the next Metroid installment on the Wii, I came across a E3 trailer of Silent Hill 8. Yep, Silent Hill 8 should be release in 2011 for PS3. I've been a bit disappointed by Silent Hill Shattered Memories but this new installment looks promising enough. I will wait until it is released to make my opinion though... Here's the trailer, enjoy!

And for the Sci-Fi fan out there, here's the latest video of Metroid Other M. It will be release August 31th. I already ordered my copy. It looks really good!


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