Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some inspiration

Those of you who have been listening to Hauntcast for a while probably know about this beautiful, amazing prop built by Terra... If you didn't know about it, you should really see the video below. It is impressive what you can achieve with paper mache provided you have the necessary patience and talent. And by the way, if you are not listening to Hauntcast yet, do yourself a favor a visit their site now.

The rebirth of a Wal-Mart tombstone

There seem to be a consensus among haunters that the tombstones sold in stores (Wal-Mart and the likes) are cheesy and maybe not worth our money. Frankly, I like them though their paint is cheap, their 1" thickness is just ridiculous and we don't even talk about their anchor system that is just plain useless. My yard display contains 11 tombstones bought at Wal-Mart in 2007 and 2008. I got some problems due to mother nature last year that forced me to enhance them by making them 3" thick and by replacing the cheapest anchor system ever invented on earth for something "wind proof". That said, half of my tombstones are already enhanced and are now on painting stage. Here is the result for the first painted tombstone. It is not perfect but it is much more better than what is was looking like when I bought it.

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