Saturday, May 22, 2010

News from the patch

Last Tuesday was my birthday, I just it the 30. I've been away from quite some time so, for once, I have a few things to tell.

First I got 4 interesting websites design and programming contracts that took most of my spare time the last two months which explains why I didn't wrote anything on my blog since March 16. Most of my contracts are completed but some of my clients still have other projects that will come my way soon. I just hope these projects will not need as much attention of my part than the ones I had the last 2 months... On one hand, having big projects means more money on my pocket but on the other hand, that leave myself without time for working on my Halloween and other personal projects. Time will tell if I will become richer in money or time.

Next, I got way behind schedule on my prop building/repair projects because of my work. I planned to have my 11 tombstones repaired and painted at the end of April. I only have one of them repaired and painted today. Hopefully, the foam board for reinforcing my other 10 tombstones are cut and ready to be glued. So, I will be gluing all these tombstones this week and will ask a few friend next weekend to come help me with the painting. The Camper's Halloween is coming soon and I must have all these tombstones ready as well as my stirring witch enhanced and I wanted also to build a flying crank ghost... Time to get cracking on that.

Finally, last Tuesday was my birthday. I just got 30. I got a few bucks from my parents as a gift. The last 3 years, I used my money gifts for buying necessities for my home. This year, I thought I could at least buy something for myself so I subscribed to Haunted Attraction Magazine. I also bought myself a brand new laptop today so I can do some programming while having an eye on my 17 months old son in the evening until he is ready to sleep.

What's next? I started redesigning my website two days ago and if all goes well, it should be ready in one week or two. Keep visiting my blog from time to time as I will be hosting a small giveaway when my new website will be up and running.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


The Captain said...

Happy Birthday, and glad to see you back around. Money is always helpful, but do hate when work gets in the way of my fun.

suzanne said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Looking forward to the new site reveal :)

Mr. Macabre said...

Happy birthday! I hate it when life, responsibilities, money, family gets in the way of what's really important in life...Halloween!

S├ębastien Lachance said...

Happy birthday!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you get some time to yourself...those props won't repair themselves...I know that for a fact :D

Enjoy the magazine. I really like it and it is run by some great people!


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