Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Haunted video games

Apart from being an Halloween fanatic, I am also a gamer. I spent much of my time in my teens and my twenties to play video games of all kinds. Some of these games carried me into strange and unsettling places. I decided to share with you one of those places.

Introducing Thief Deadly Shadows. You are Garrett, a master thief and formerly member of the order The Keepers. The story begins with the simple theft of a large precious stone from a noble. After selling the gemstone, a member of The Keepers aks you to steal two artifacts from two religious factions. Then follows a series of events that will push Garret in a quest to prevent a coming dark age that only he can stop.

These video clips will carry you in a building known as The Cradle. It is an old building that once served as an orphanage and an asylum. A fire occurred in the past and the building was abandoned. It is rumored to be haunted.

Now I just got into the mood for playing that wonderful game again just for that particular stage. It is a piece of art! Hope it will work on Windows 7...

I'm planning to bring you more post like this one once in a while so come back often :-)

Have a nice evening!


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

LOL! No, not more games!! :D

Sounds fun...going to add it to the list. Great idea to review games!


Johnny Thunder said...

I agree - would definitely like to read and see more game reviews! Very cool.

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