Friday, February 12, 2010

The Camper's Halloween

Once again, I am a late in my blog posting. There is not much to say since my last post on this blog. In fact, there is only two news worth of interest, a bad and a good one.

Let's start with the bad one. I got a car accident two weeks ago with a ten wheels truck. Fortunately, no one was injured. As you would expect, the truck does not even have a scratch. But my 2008 Santa Fe did not have that chance. The passenger side got about 8000$ worth of damage. The body shop as kindly lend me a 2010 Mazda 3 while they are repairing my SUV. But, I learn another "great" news last week. I won't have my SUV back until the beginning of march. It seems that the doors they ordered for the repairing are in backorder and they will not get them until March 1st or later... To be continued...

Now for the good news. This year, I will have the chance to celebrate Halloween two times. Yay!!! A coworker proposed me to help him prepare a haunt on his camping. They call this "L'Halloween du campeur" (the Camper's Halloween). The festivities are splitted in two parts. The afternoon is for the young children and teenagers to go trick-or-treating from camping cars to camping cars and the evening is for adults and is more like a party. But, this year will be a bit different. Along with the traditional Trick-or-treating, the children will have the possibility to walk in a haunted wooden trail that leads to an old barn. That is where Mr PumpkinBrain enter in the scenery. My job will be, with the help of my coworker and a few selected campers, to make that haunted trail. Since most of the children are young, the trail must not be too scary. But, at night, it is the turn of the adult to walk through the trail and I intend to scare the shit out of them! (insert evil laugh here) For the moment, I already have a few ideas in mind for the haunt but I will have to wait until spring to confirm them because I have not seen the trail and the barn yet. But one interesting thing I learn from my coworker is that, a church that burnt down a few years ago, was situated near the barn. I'm already hear the ghostly sound of the bells ringing... More to come on this as the project takes shape...

Good evening boils and ghouls, I gotta go, I have a meeting with a Wolfman at the local theater!


suzanne said...

Glad you came through the accident unscathed. Better the truck needing until March to be repaired than you :)

Your "Campers Halloween" sounds like its going to be soooooo much fun. Can't wait to hear about it as it develops. A woodland trail will be the perfect setting. :)

PumpkinBrain said...

Thanks for stopping by Halloween spirit. I agree with you, better the truck than me! After all, it is just a stupid car.

I can't wait to see the trail itself. I just hope I will end up with something good enough that will please the children and the adults :-)

Have a nice evening!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Glad to hear you are okay, car accidents are very scary. Take care.

Fun idea with the haunted camping event....I think the group of haunters in BC do the same thing at their gathering. Husband and I keep threating to go...maybe this is the year.

Glad to have you back. Look forward to reading your posts!


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