Thursday, November 12, 2009


Once again, I feel bad... How on earth could I leave behind my wonderful fellow bloggers for more than one month! I have, again, been very busy since october 7th. Unfortunately, my absence had nothing to do with prop building but much more about work. Some of you already know that I started a new job october 5th. The new job is wonderful. All the people working there are friendly, my superiors are very open and fun to talk to, the job is challenging and the best part of it is that I do not have to do overtime each week to deliver the new features of the software on time. You are probably asking yourself on what I have been working on in the last month. Before leaving my previous job, I offered my previous employers to finish some projects for them until they find someone to replace me. So I did some programming most of my weekday and weekend evenings leaving me no time for blogging and leisure time. Now that that these projects are theorically completed, I can at last take some time for blogging...

What would be the best way to come back to the blogging world? Maybe by telling your of my last Halloween. Here we go:

The day started at 8AM. I woke up feeling like I caught a cold. That was not that bad, there was no ways a small cold would prevent me to celebrate Halloween! My parents, my in-laws and I moved all the props from the 2nd floor of the garage to the front of my house. The installation took about 3 hours. Once the installation completed, I had some time ahead before the Trick'r treater come to my door, so I took a little nap while my wife and my little boy were doing their Trick'r treating round.

1PM, the Trick'r treaters started to knock at the door. It was time for my wife and I to put our costumes on to give candies. For the first time, meet the mastermind behind this blog and his wonderful wife:

We had a good number of trick'r treater, I think the exact number was 186. The new stirring witch was a hit, most parents and teen had good comments on our setup. Some parents took pictures of their children in the setup and some even took pictures of my wife and I. Everything were going fine until 3PM. The day was a little bit windy but at 3PM, the wind started to blow stronger. Sometimes, the wind were blowing so strong that my stirring witch and/or my pumpkin scarecrow had some issues. The witch had loose her head in her cauldron, or her head would do a 180 degree rotation. The scarecrow finished in two separated pieces a few times. Fortunately, it was easy to fix and the celebration continued until 5PM.

At 5PM, the wind started to blow even stronger and it started to rain a bit. The wind was strong enough to cause other damages to my stirring witch so I decide it was time to put her back in the garage, it was a shame, but I was not interested to let the wind destroy my hard work. I took my drill, started to unscrew the witch from the cauldron so I can move her more easily. Then came the disaster. As soon as I removed the last screw, the wind started to blow even stronger and it started to rain like hell. In a few seconds, I saw the witch and the scarecrow collapse in pieces while some of my tombstones where blown away. No need to say I tried to salvage what I could, so in about 10 minutes, all my props were all in safety in the garage. Then I started to look at the damages:

- On 11 tombstones, 1 was missing and 3 were broken in two.
- Some fingers of the witch were broken. Hopefully, the head was fine and the pipe frame could be repaired.
- The scarecrow frame was alright, no real damage to that prop only a few adjustments to do.
- The zombie and the coffin were fine, no damage on them.

Looking back at this, this is not that bad. But that night, my Halloween was totally trashed. Here are some pictures of the damages:

I should be able to repair them with a bit of creativity... In one way, with a bit of paint, these damages can be used to give a worn look to the tombstones.

That summarize my Halloween day. I hope yours started well and finished well too. Wow, this is the longest post I ever wrote... I wonder how much of you have read it entirely ;-)

Have a nice evening!


Diane said...

you guys look fantastic! the weather was very uncooperative this year!! :(

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Those are great costumes!!!

So sorry to hear about the props...I am really starting to feel a bit guiilty about having good weather :)

We always semi-repair our broken tombstones, just glue them were we can and then paint them. I think it does help to make them look will be happy with it I am sure.

Thanks for sharing your Halloween story. Better weather next year!

Enjoy your new job!!


suzanne said...

Glad you're back! Great costumes!

Sounds like you experienced the same weather system we did, although our rain held off until midnight. October usually involves some nasty winds and I've learned the hard way to secure my Halloween props. The mourners on the bench had cement blocks holding down the frame under their robes. With tombstones, I found some long metal garden stakes with a loop at one end at the dollar store. I embedded these between the two pieces of styrofoam that make up the tombstone, with the loop at the bottom. I then secured the loop to the ground with tent stakes from my camping gear. It worked well. There was one tombstone unsecured this way because I ran out of garden stakes and that was the only one that blew around.

Sounds like you had a fun Halloween before disaster struck. But I'm curious . . . do people in your area always trick-or-treat during the afternoon or was it just because of the weather?

PumpkinBrain said...

Thanks everyone for stoping by! My wife and I really enjoyed our costumes. I think we will reuse them for a couple of years.

Frog Queen: What type of glue are you using to repair your tombstones? I remember earing on Hauntcast about Gorilla glue, just wondering what I should use...

Halloween Spirit: We often get strong wind at the end of October but this year they were stronger than usual. At least, I will have learned that I must build my stuff to survive to a hurricane :-) Thanks for the tip on how you secure your tombstones. You can count on me to use it for next Halloween. As for your question on Trick'r treaters. For what I know of my neighborhood, when Halloween is on a weekend, the children trick-o-treat in the afternoon and teenagers in the evening. But we didn't get a lot of trick-or-treaters this year in the evening because of the bad weather. When Halloween is on a weekday, we get to see most of the people in the evening. But at 8PM, the only thing you can hear in the street are my spooky music. At 9PM, it is time to put everything back in the garage (I'm a paranoid and I don't want my props to be vandalized or stolen).

Have a nice evening!

Mr. Macabre said...

Good to see that you're back! Ya'll look great! Would love to see pictures of your whole setup if you have them. That's not that bad of damage, it will give it character once it's repaired. Welcome back!

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