Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Movie frenzy, grocery bag and bad hair day picture

Last weekend, my wife and I have gone shopping to Quebec city. We took an hour to make the tour of the HMV store and bought a few movies: The Crow, John Carpenters Vampires, From dusk till dawn and Thirt13en ghosts. In addition to these movies, I got my copy of Trick'r Treat yesterday at 5pm. I planned to watch it yesterday evening but my wife fell asleep on the sofa before starting the movie... She was a bit tired because of a bad cold. We will probably watch it friday.

Two weeks ago, one of my favorite blogger, The Captain, wrote a post about Publix Halloween themed grocery bags. I left a comment that my grocery store also gives Halloween themed bags. In fact, they are more Autumn themed bag. But here it is:

Finally, my little boy woke up with a strange hair cut... He also got very sick that same day... I guess he got a bad hair day :-)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Witch stirring a cauldron

Yep! I'm done with the stirring witch project. At least for this year. She looks good enough to be part of my display. Not bad for my third hand made prop. For the completion of this work, I have some thanks to do. Here we go:

Thanks to:

  • My wife for supporting my constant babbling about this project;

  • My father for providing me with some tips on how to place the wiper motor that makes the head of the witch turn;

  • My father and mother in-law for providing me the fabrics and the wood necessary to dress and assemble the witch and the cauldron;

  • My brother in-law for giving me the barrel I used to build the cauldron;

  • My coworker Billy for giving me the steel bar I needed to fix the stirring stick to the wiper motor of the cauldron;

Thinking of it, there is still one thing missing for this year. A good sound fx I could loop on a mp3 player so the trick'r treater can hear the cauldron bubbling. I found some on the web but they don't loop very well. If anyone knows where I can get one, that would be great.

I also completed sooner this week the skull with a pillar candle that will ornate the table on which the ingredients bottles and the spell book of the witch will be displayed. I have a small problem with the led tea light not being bright enough. But I can surely fix that by buying some on eBay. But since I'm not sure to get them on time for Halloween, I'll keep the cheap ones I bought on the dollar store for this year.

Skull pillar candle holder

Next post: Mr Jack and Autumn themed grocery bags!

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