Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fright at the Museum

Someone told me about an interesting event going on in Washington DC at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment. They are doing an Halloween specific exhibit portraying an electric chair dating back to 1916. If I were going to Washington I would certainly go to this exhibit as I love museums and history. But since I'm living far far away from DC, I'm just going to share this information to all my fellow bloggers in case some of you would be passing by.

For more information on the event click on the following link: Halloween in DC


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

I hear ya, nothing fun like that happens anywhere near me either. That would be a fun event.

Thanks for sharing the link.


Ghoul Friday said...

Sounds like a really cool way to spend an evening.

PumpkinBrain said...

Frog Queen : No problem, I'm always happy to share my findings.

Ghoul Friday : Nothing to do with museums but another friend of mine suggested me to go to the Nightmares Fear Factory Haunted House in Niagara Falls. I was wondering if you've been there. My friend said he got really scared.

Ghoul Friday said...

I've been inside one haunted attraction in Niagara Falls. I THINK is was Nightmares, but it was many many years ago. My friends and I had a great time going through :)

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