Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you getting ready for the H day?

Other than the prop building that may get some delayed, the little family is getting ready to welcome the trick-or-treater and give them some candies.

The candies are bought and the bags filled.

The little Édouard is, as always, the pride of his father.

The crazy dachsund will also be celebrating

And the hosts have finally made a choice for their own costumes. They will become Edwardian Ghosts this Halloween.

How about you? Are you ready yet?

Stirring witch update...

Number ?... Seriously how much updates did I wrote on this stirring witch project? How on earth this project takes me so long. Well, it's almost done. Yes, I say almost done because I already added other things on the todo list for completing this projet. Let's take a few seconds to make a checklist of what must be done:

1. Test the fog machine with the cauldron and see if any adjustments is needed.
2. Put some clothes on the witch.
3. Fasten the witch and the cauldron together.
4. Install the led mini spotlight to highlight the witch face.
5. Build a small table to display the witch ingredients bottles, her spellbook and her skull pillar candle.

Okay, that's not too bad. I should be able to get it done for Halloween. Well, I hope so because I just received an order for my wife. Seems like I need to build a groundbreaker too! Oh crap! With only 2 hours a day of prop building, will I make it? I really start to feel the pressure. And finally, to top it off, I'm changing job at the beginning of October, that means I'm gonna have to cut on my prop building time to work at home so I can perform learn all I need to perform in my new job... Well, I should stop complaining and get cracking then. Otherwise I gonna have a crazy October and I won't have the chance to enjoy fall at all.

Now that I complained about my soooo terrible fate (just kidding), let's get back to the subject. The stirring witch project status. It is completed at 80%. I finished the cauldron yesterday. At first, the cauldron was supposed to be very simple but I didn't like it. There was something missing. I finally had a good idea last friday and came across what I needed, at Wal-Mart, to complete the job. Have a look below at the Before and After pictures of the cauldron. And as a bonus, have a glimpse of the witch without her clothes...

Do you feel it?

6AM, getting up, the temperature in the house seems cooler than usual. It's still dark, the sun has not completely rose up and a light fog is floating in the air outside.

The air seems fresher, the sunlight more attractive. The leaves began changing color and the darkness becomes more pervasive each evening. Autumn is upon us. Finally!

To celebrate this wonderful season that is autumn, my wife and I have built a beautiful vase to the colors of the season to ornate our dining room table. It's really incredible what one can do with things sold by the dollar stores.

Fright at the Museum

Someone told me about an interesting event going on in Washington DC at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment. They are doing an Halloween specific exhibit portraying an electric chair dating back to 1916. If I were going to Washington I would certainly go to this exhibit as I love museums and history. But since I'm living far far away from DC, I'm just going to share this information to all my fellow bloggers in case some of you would be passing by.

For more information on the event click on the following link: Halloween in DC

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Sorry for not being very present lately. I'm very busy with building props (I even dream of it at night), my children and my job. I have a lot of things going on right now, some I can't talk of yet. Long story short, I try to keep up with all the blogs I follow but it's a little bit harder than usual. So... don't worry, I'm going to be back soon.

For Mr. Macabre and Dracenea, I'm still waiting for your prize to arrive at my house. I did not forgot you!

Have a great evening!

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