Monday, July 27, 2009

Giveaway for the price of your blood

Ok, it's time I guess for the first Giveaway of PumpkinBrain. And the price will be...

A Victoria Francés 2010 Calendar

Victoria Francés 2010 Calendar

To have a chance to win a calendar, you will need:

  1. To have a shipping address in the Canada or in the USA

  2. To be a follower of my blog

  3. Tell us what you like in vampires

  4. And the hardest part: Answer to this mathematical formula 1+1=?

The winners will be choosen by random draw amongst those who fulfilled the points above and will be announced August 15th.

Best of luck to you all!


The Captain said...

I have a shipping address in the USA.

I'm a follower of PumpkinBrain.

I like wooden stakes in vampires.


I'm almost positive that that is the correct answer.

Dracenea said...

1. Check.
2. Check.
3. I like the versatility of the vampire.
4. Unless this is a trick question, the answer is "two".

Awesome contest prize, btw. :)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

USA - yep, still here.

Love and follow this amazing blog.

Ah, Captian has a great answer, I want that one......okay I like the clothes, vamps, the cool ones, have the neatest clothes. Long coats and long hair....yeah....I like vampires. Oh, wait where was I?

1+1=2 - might not end up as two for very long....espcially if you are talking rabbits!! :)

Did I win yet?!?!



Carrie Clevenger said...

I live in the United States.

I came here by way of The Frog Queen.

Vampires - the history possibilities fascinate me. A Roman soldier can interact with a Port Royale pirate. I don't like vampires that fall in 'love' with humans. It's unrealistic, especially with so many beautiful vampire females.

1+1 = 2 (I cheated and looked at the other answers)

Anonymous said...

In the US, check.
Follower of PumpkinBrain, check check.
What I like in a vampire... anything that does NOT sparkle. WTH?
1+1=Dos pumpkins.

Awesome awesome giveaway!!

SeaRune said...

I have a shipping address in Canada
I'm a follower
I love the power/vulnerablility of vampires
The answer to the math question is 2. :)

PumpkinBrain said...

I was beginning to wonder why so few people were interested in winning one of this very talented artist calendar... I hope there will be other participants too. I'll be posting the winner or winners (depending on the number of participants) in 9 days.

Best of luck my friends!

The Captain said...

5 days to go!

catss99 said...

I follow.
I like vampires because I'm a single twenty-something year old that has nothing better to do than lust over half-dead guys with sharp teeth.

In the US.
Answer: 2

Ms. Asphyxia said...

I live in the US and I am a follower.

What I like in vampires? I like for them to be sophisticated, intelligent, romantic Renaissance men with handsome faces, gentle natures, but prone to viciousness (they are vampires, after all).

1+1? Well, it has been a while since I've had a math class, but I am going to go with...2.


Unknown said...

I have a shipping ad a shipping address in the USA

Im a follower

I love how vampires can so different. They can be funny, scary, or even sexy!


Why was the last question so hard?!?! Took me a couple of ours to get it!!!!!

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