Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TAC.tv Halloween

I saw this video in french two years ago. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, I can't embed the video in this post. So here's the link.

Have a good laugh!


Diane said...

that was super cute! i love the part "they cut our budget this year". lol

Dracenea said...

"How about a swift kick in the ass?"

hee hee

Anonymous said...


just subled upon your blog - very nice work, writing & photos.

I added you to my Link-Collection at www.creepylinkswamp.blogspot.com & will follow your RSS. Keep on haunting!

Anonymous said...

I meant "stumbled"...

PumpkinBrain said...

Danke schön :P: for adding my blog to your link collection!

I also have a website, it is still under construction though. The URL is http://www.pumpkinbrain.com . More stuff should be coming in the following weeks.

As our friends from Hauntcast would say, "Stay scary!!!"

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