Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The ABC Meme

Sunday Stealing: The ABC Meme

A – An advantage you have –
I have married a pharmacist.

B – Blue or brown eyes –
None of them, I have blue-green hazel eyes.

C – Chore you hate –
The chore I hate most is doing the dishes.

D – Dad’s name –

E – Essential start of your day –
A simple breakfast: a bowl of cereal with a glass of orange juice.

F – Favorite color –
I would say black but because it is not a color I will say midnight blue.

G – Greatest thing you’ve ever done that made you feel really good –
Giving some of my time to listen to some lonely elder peoples when I was a teenager.

H – Habit you have –
Leaving my clothes in the corner of the bedroom.

I – Issue you hate that the world tries to make you pursue –
Materialism. The "american dream" is all about collecting stuff to make you happy. I did believed in that some time ago but I realized that stuff makes you happy only if you're already happy. Otherwise, it will make you happy until you get your credit card bill.

J – Job title –
Chief analyst programmer

K – Kohls or Target –
Don't know them.

L – Living arrangements –
Live with my wife, my son and my weiner dog in a house we built 3 years ago.

M – Music you like –
Power metal, Heavy Metal, Gothic and Celtic

N - Nicknames –

O – Overnight hospital stay –
You don't want to know.

P – Pet Peeve –
Sea food.

Q – Quote that you like most –
"Il n'y en aura pas de facile!" which means that nothing is realy easy. I don't believe that nothing is easy, I do believe that people complicate their lives too much. I like to keep my life as simple as possible which means to live within your means and take the time to be with people you love.

R – Right or left handed –
Right handed.

S – Siblings –
1 sister

T – Time you wake up –
Week Days 6am Weekend 8am.

U – Underwear –
is what you put under your pants

V – Vegetable you dislike –
Most of them.

W – What makes you run late –
My wife or my children.

X – X-rays you’ve had –
Neck and fingers.

Y – Yummy food you make –
Orange chicken breast
Pork à la diablé (Pork in a red spicy sauce)
Blueberry Coffee Cake (Very delicious and very unhealthy with all that butter and sugar)

Z – Zoo animal –
Lions, tigers and cheetahs.


Dracenea said...

Blue/green/hazel eyes? Purty!

I liked your answer for "I". So true!

PumpkinBrain said...

Thanks for stopping by Dracenea! You should see the eyes of each member of the family. My wife has beautiful green eyes, her pupils are bigger than the normal person, they looks like the eyes of a cat. Our little boy have inherited of pale blue eyes with the pupils of his mother... He is so handsome. He is the pride of his father :-)

Another thing, yesterday I had a thought for you as I was browsing the inventory of one store in Quebec City. I saw some mana and health potions next to the horror movies figurines stand.

Weekend is almost over... I wish everyone out there a great week!

Dracenea said...

Your family sounds like a magical bunch with all of those beautiful eyes!

Were they the same mana/health potions that I had on my blog? Either way, very cool!

Have a great week yourself!

suzanne said...

Strangely enough, you have the same habit as my husband (Answer "H") :D

Love the quote!

PumpkinBrain said...

Dracenea: I don't know if we looks like a magical bunch but I like the idea. The mana/health potions I saw was the same you described on your blog.

Halloween Spirit: I guess it's a common habit among guys. I let my clothes in the corner for one day or two then I get annoyed of the mess and I put everything back in the closet. The same apply for my tools in the garage but it can take weeks before cleaning my mess. :-)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

No that this is a very scientific research type thing....but from your the way husband acts. I don't think programmers can put laundry in a basket.

Just an observation :D


PumpkinBrain said...

A quick poll among my co-workers seems to indicate you are right Frog Queen. Programmer tend to let their clothes on the floor instead of putting it back in the closet or drawer. I should try to change that habit. I don't want to give that example to my little boy. He is too young now to take example on his father but one day, this will change.

Good evening to you all!

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