Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shopping Day!

Today, Mrs. Pumpkin and I went shopping at the Place Laurier mall in Quebec City. Our city is smaller and we do not always find what we need so we must go shopping from time to time in the major shopping malls of Quebec City. We got up early this morning took the one hour and a half ride to Quebec City.

Our shopping began with the usual round of Mrs. Pumpkin favorite clothing shops. She
found the pants she wanted. Next, we sought an black hourglass with red sand that would be an addition to the decoration of our future home theater. So we stopped by the L'Imaginaire store which specializes in the sale of collectibles items such as money, stamps, collectible cards, figures and more.

Whenever we enter this shop, we take at least an hour to look at everything. There is a lot of interesting stuff there and I admit that it is difficult to resist the temptation to buy. This time, I entered the store with an idea, find the greatest possible collection of stuff related to Halloween and, to my surprise, the shop was full of them: Horror movies and halloween figurines of all kinds, monster masks, A nightmare before christmas stuff, etc...

It was during my search for stuff on Halloween that my wife showed to me the Castlevania figurines, a franchise of video games that made its debut at Nintendo and that still exists today. This franchise is one my favorites. I still play my old Super Nintendo "Super Castlevania" game from time to time. I never got tired of it. In short, when I saw these figurines, I lost all control... I needed them!! So I bought the entire collection and my wife bought one for me for my 29th birthday. Obviously, these figurines are for collection purpose so I must fight the envy to get them out of their packaging. They will surely gain value over the years but I do not intend to sell them. It will be a legacy that I leave to my children. Here is the photo of the figurines:

Then we continue our round in the store, we did not find our hourglass but we have did another great discovery: Puzzles depicta gothic scenes. After 15 minutes of contemplation we bought this one:

We intend to scan the drawing and make a larger replica that will be framed on the wall of our future home theater. Our home theater decor will be uncommon, I doubt that my family will appreciate this room because it will be of gothic inspiration. The walls will be black and white: the first half will be caissons whose background is black and reliefs white.
The second half of the walls will be white wallpaper with black Victorian patterns. The furniture will be of metal color and the sofas and other accessories will be dark red to add a touch of drama to the room. This project is probably going to take place at the end of this year or maybe the beginning of next year so you will not have the opportunity to see pictures of this room before a long time. But don't worry! When it's done, you can be sure that I post photos in my blog.

Have a good evening!


PumpkinBrain said...

Oh! Before I forget. If you know of a place on the Internet where I could find a very special black hourglass with red sand, please tell me! I absolutely need one! I looked on ebay but didn't find any that fits was my needs...

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Lots of cool sh.....stuff! Score!

Wow, can hardly wait to see your progress.


Dracenea said...

Great finds!

Sounds like your home theater will be wonderful!

Don't know how reliable this site is but they may have what you're looking for.

PumpkinBrain said...

Thanks Dracenea for the website link. I just took a look at it and I think I should buy a kit to build my hourglass myself... Mrs Pumpkin would definitively like the idea of having her own custom-made hourglass.

Have a great weekend!

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