Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Au boulot!

Now that winter is gone and that snow has finally melt down, it's time for me to prepare myself for Halloween 2009. My first projet this year will be to create a witch stirring a cauldron like the one made by ScareFx. My version will be slightly different though, the eye of my witch will be glowing green with the help of two low intensity led (like the one I used for the zombie of my 2008 haunt) and the head will not turn (well, I might change my mind later). I will be posting updates about my progress on this year's haunted yard props.

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Anonymous said...

Please post a pic of her when you get her made. I have a big party every year, and I try to make props, but they aren't very good ones. No lights or movement. Last year though my Daughter and her BF set up a great haunted maze in our shed. They did a super job. Your stuff looks great!

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